Child & Family Fine Art Portraiture

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Beautiful child photography/portraiture that is natural, real and timeless.

“I wanted to follow my heart not the crowd, so in hope to create  beautiful photographs and striking pieces of art, I let my creativeness guide me.”

I have been a professional  fine art photographer photographing children and families for four years now. In that time I have developed a unique style.

Child Photography Studio Shoot

A majority of my studio work is presented in a fine art low key black and white; I love the classic and timeless feel that it brings to child photography. A child’s smile is amazing but there are also deeper emotions that connect us as families. When photographing families and children I look for the feelings that create that bond of everlasting love such as protectiveness and vulnerability, the emotion’s that brings us closer to each other. This is what makes my child photography unique, beautiful and emotive.

My child photography studio sessions are personal and non rushed ( I never book more than one studio session per day ). Im not a photographer that will ask your child to smile, instead I tend to suggest actions and gameplay that will naturally unravel emotions. I look for the in between moments, moments of love, craziness and laughter…the moments that you want to remember forever!!!

Child Photography Location Shoot

Child photography on location that is bright, fun and natural!

A child’s world is so much different from ours “everything you could imagine is real” which makes child photography outdoors such great fun. I love being able to capture a child exploring their imagination. Being out doors in a relaxed and fun environment means I can capture the true character of your child as they play in their careless free world!

Child location and family shoots can take place in any local beauty spot or some where sentimental to you and your family, maybe a beach where you skim pebbles together or the country side where you take your walks before Sunday dinner…anywhere sentimental is perfect. During your child photography shoot I ask all parents to relax thier rules a little, theres nothing better than the smile of a cheeky little child who knows they shouldn’t be getting their new trainers covered in mud!


“All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust.” -Peter Pan

I like to know a bit about the personality of your child before the session even begins. Knowing their likes and dislikes, how they interact with others helps me prepare for your session, So that I can give you the best possible experience in child photography.

After your shoot I spend a large amount of time editing and creating each photograph to ensure you receive a high quality finish. I usually present between 20 and 30 fully processed images to my customers. I am a perfectionist and I aim to offer a personal and professional service. I want you to be happy with every part of your experience with me from beginning to end.




 Studio Portraiture session £49

This includes

Consultation via phone or in person

One and half hour studio session


Time and preparation of your photographs

Private online viewing gallery


 Location session £65

This includes

Consultation via phone or in person

One and half hour location session

Time and preparation of your photographs

Private online viewing gallery

We’ve never had a professional photo session before, what should we expect from one your child photography shoots?

On your session I will do my best to make you (all) completely at ease. Child photography should be an adventure so when shooting I like to let children be children! I try to encourage their natural energy so that I can discover their true character. On shoots I like parents to relax their usual rules a little, there’s nothing better than capturing those cheeky little expressions of a child who knows they shouldn’t really be playing in the mud!!! I often just let children do their own thing and try and involve my self with that. Once we have warmed up a little I may suggest some certain play techniques that evoke natural expressions but I will NEVER ask your child to smile. I believe the key to creating beautiful portraits is to reveal real emotions and connections.

How do I book a  child photography session?

To book your child photography session please call or message me via contact page, I will be happy to discuss and answer any questions that you have prior to your booking. To secure your day the session fee will need to be paid upon booking either by PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

What happens if my child or I become unwell?  

When children are ill they should be on the sofa having snuggles, so therefore we will just reschedule your shoot for another day. I always recommend rebooking if your child is even slightly unwell, it’s not fair on them and as your photographer I would like your child to remember the shoot as a happy experience.

I have booked a child photography location session. What happens if it rains?

To be honest some of the best child photography photographs are taken in rain or snow! Children jumping up in down in the puddles or building snow men make wicked pictures and are lots of fun for the children. However if its heavy rain or snowing blizzard’s we can just reschedule!

If I cancel my portraiture shoot can I have my session fee refunded?

No, I’m sorry the session fee is non refundable because it secures your day which excludes any other clients from booking in. However if you do need to cancel the session fee is fully transferable. We will reschedule for another day to both of our convenience.

What if our baby or child doesn’t want to perform for the camera?

Don’t worry. All photographers understand that Child photography is unpredictable. I never ever pressure any child into doing something they do not wish to do and I always allow around 2-3 hours for our photo-shoot to give us plenty of time incase of misshapes, comfort and changing. I will only shoot one session per day. So your shoot day is tailored to you to ensure a non rushed relaxed experience.

Are you insured?

Yes I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.

What should we bring/wear? 

I recommend that you wear clothing that isn’t branded of heavily patterned, branded clothing will eventually date and heavily patterned clothing can act as a distraction from your child’s beautiful face. A change of clothing for your little ones is often a good idea, not only does it give you selection of photos but it also allows your child/children to have a bit of fun. Clothing with some texture such as chunky knits, cute coats, fur hats and floaty dresses all look great in photographs. For group shots I ask that similar colour tops be worn but most importantly any clothes worn should be comfortable for the experience to be enjoyable.

We cannot wait to see our photos! When can I see them?

After the shoot processing time usually takes up to 2 weeks. Once your photos are ready you are then welcomed in to the studio for your viewing session where I can show you a beautiful presentation on the large screen. Afterwards I will also put them onto a private online viewing gallery so that you can show them to family & friends to help you decide. After a location shoot you will have approximately 30-40 fully processed high-resolution photographs to select from and 20-30 from a studio shoot.

We live out side of Portsmouth how far do you travel for a child photography session?

As far as you need me to. I travel up to 20miles with out any extra penny’s being needed. Any further I ask for petrol to be recovered at cost price only.

Where is the best location to have our child photography shoot?

Locations shoots can take place in any local beauty spot or some where sentimental to you and your family, maybe a beach where you skim pebbles together or the country side were you take your walks before Sunday dinner…anywhere sentimental is perfect. I have many regular places that I use to shoot  child location photography but here are some useful links to get you started or


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For a full pricing guide or if you would like any more information regarding child photography sessions please feel free to call me for a friendly chat or drop me a message via the contact page, hope to here from you soon

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