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Boudoir Photography  for Portsmouth and Hampshire

Hello ladies and welcome to my boudoir photography page. I believe that the perfect boudoir photo is one that conveys sensuality and elegance, one that shows the subject at ease and confident. I love to capture the intimate beauty of my client’s individual personalities; some ladies are intriguingly shy, some bubbly or cheeky even… no two ladies are the same and therefore I adapt my style accordingly to create true and beautiful portraits.

Boudoir photography makes a very special wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s presents for your partner, but ultimately, boudoir photography is about you. It is about embracing your femininity and feeling liberated and confident as a woman. Boudoir photography is a treat that lasts a lifetime.

As well as creating high-quality boudoir photography portraits, I feel the importance of every boudoir photography shoot is about giving each client a comfortable and enjoyable experience. To ensure comfort, I work in a team of just two females, myself and Jessica, who is a friendly, fully qualified and very talented make up and hair stylist. During your  boudoir photography shoot it will only be you and I present… so do not worry there’s no audience. All shoots take place in the finest boutique hotels located in Portsmouth. On your day there will be no artificial sets, no assistants, just natural surroundings, accompanied by myself and my camera.


“My clients are not just names written in my diary, they are people I want to meet, know and understand. I want you to love the experience of your boudoir photography session and walk away with a set of images that you feel proud of.”


Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire I offer boudoir photography to Ladies from all over the South coast including Southampton, Fareham, Surrey, West Sussex, Sussex and a far. The Boutique hotels that accompany Evelyn Florence Photography are based a minute walk from the beach of Southsea, Portsmouth, however if you wish to choose your own hotel or location (home visit) prices will be adapted accordingly.

I look forward to meeting you!

Cally x


Boudoir photography packages start from £650.00 and include a Boutique venue and hair and makeup artist.

To request a full pricing guide please use the contact page


What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a photo session for any woman wanting to have photographs showcasing her beauty and body shape.


Who will be photographing my session?

I will be your photographer (Cally Crisp owner of Evelyn Florence Photography). I myself undertake all aspects of the business; this includes the processing of your photos (no one see’s your photos apart from you and I, without your permission). Boudoir photography is very personal, as well as taking beautiful photos my number one priority is your privacy and confidentiality.


Where will my boudoir photography shoot take place?

Your boudoir photography shoot will take place in a luxury five star boutique hotel in Southsea, Portsmouth ( Hampshire ). You will have the choice of selecting one of five room settings. I have been working with this hotel for two years now and have established a good relationship with both the managers and staff who are incredibly friendly and accommodating.


Who will be present during my boudoir photography shoot?

It will be just you and I present during shooting. I believe to bring out the best in you there should be no audience. It also keeps the shoot to a personal level. No rushed conveyor belt action similar to that of the large chain businesses. You will receive a tailored service making you feel as comfortable as can be.


Can I have naked photos taken?

I love photographing nudes and partial nudes however I am only comfortable photographing you nude as long as you are too. I choose not to shoot images that are pornographic or tasteless in any way. Sophisticated and elegant nudes are what I look to shoot. I will help guide you into the poses to make sure the photos are of a tasteful nature.


I’m sixteen can I book a boudoir photography shoot?

“Sorry” Unfortunately not, you will need to be at least eighteen to attend a boudoir photography shoot.


Is there anything I can do to feel more relaxed?

Music can help a lot, feel free to bring along a CD or iPod, as this will help you to get in the mood.


I’m feeling really nervous will I be ok?

Yes believe me when I say you will be absolutely fine. I myself hate being photographed and can understand how nervous it can be for some ladies (being nervous is very common). With three years of experience in boudoir and my down to earth, witty personality I’m positive you will find your boudoir photography session a fun experience! P.S “There will also be wine”!


I’m not sure how to pose!

Most people don’t, but as your photographer I will help guide you into poses to help you feel relaxed and compliment your body shape.


On the day of the shoot what happens if I’m to scared to turn up?

If you have made it this far then it must be something you have seriously wanted to do, so I very much doubt this will happen. However, on the rare occasion that you feel too uncomfortable I can photograph you with your clothes on. I have never photographed a Boudoir session where a lady felt uncomfortable for more than half an hour. So far I have had extremely positive feed back from people who at first were nervous about their boudoir photography shoot.


How should I prepare for my shoot?

When preparing for your boudoir photography session do what you would usually do when you are pampering yourself to look your best. Removing hair from any parts that you want to expose is a must as well as a manicure and pedicure. My make up artist will add colour to compliment your style if needed so it’s best to start free of varnish or use a nude base to start.

I recommend that you don’t wear any tight fitting clothes for at least two hours before your shoot; it takes time for bra straps and jean seam marks to fade.

Don’t use any products on your skin that you have never used before such as face creams etc. this will avoid any skin irritations that could possibly cause blotching of the skin.


Shall I get a spray tan before my boudoir photography session?

No. Not unless you feel its compulsory. I feel its best to leave your skin natural looking. However If you would like a sun kissed look I will discuss this with you before hand. Fake tans can often appear patchy and streaky which can affect the standard of your photographs.


Can I do my own hair and make up?

Yes, you are more than welcome to do your own hair and make up, however I would recommend you take advantage of having a professional do it for you. Our make up artist is fully qualified and has a full professional kit. She can suggest looks to suit you or you yourself can choose the style of the make up you would like her to apply. Either way her knowledge and expertise will bring the best out of your look. A discount will be provided if you choose to apply your own make up and style your own hair.


What do I need to bring along to my session?

Any accessories or lingerie you would like to use for the shoot, we will discuss the styles beforehand so if you need any advice just let me know. I have a selection of accessories for you to chose from if needed. Accessories are a must to give your photos the desired high end elegant look. Sites such as or have a beauitul selection of lingerie for ladies all shapes and sizes

Shall I bring shoes?

I love both bare feet and shoes during shooting. When choosing which shoes to bring I kindly ask that you make sure they are scuff free as it can affect your photographs.


I have seen a photo I like. Can you recreate it for me?

I love to get inspiration from other photographers and  I’m inspired by anything and everything around me… its hard not to be when being creative, however I will never copy someone elses work. I would be upset if someone copied my work so please don’t ask me to do the same to fellow photographers.


Will my photographs be retouched?

Yes all your chosen photos from your boudoir photography session will be professionally retouched in house by myself. Ready for you to view.


Can you remove blemishes, spots and stretch marks?

Yes if requested I will. We will speak about this prior to your shoot. Photo retouching is a personal thing, Speaking before hand will help me to know what editing stages you prefer. Many ladies like to have these removed but I like to have permission first.


Can you make my legs/arms look slimmer?

During your shoot I will guide you through various posing techniques, which will help to compliment your body shape. However if you feel slimming of certain areas will enhance your photo then yes I can do this for you. A lot of ladies ask me too to accentuate their curves, add volume to hair, whiten teeth etc. There are many areas I can increase, decrease but while enhancing photos, I think it’s important for you to remain recognizable as the person you are. So I would use subtle but effective editing techniques if requested.


I live quite far from Portsmouth, can you come to me for a boudoir photography shoot?

Yes of course I cover the whole of Hampshire. I travel up to a 20 mile radius for free , any milage after that is recovered at cost price only. Im happy for you to have your boudoir photography shoot at your own home or at a hotel of your choice. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


Will any of my photographs be shown on your site?

Not without your permission. I understand that Boudoir Photography is a personal and private experience so there for your discretion will always be promised.

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